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  • An English day

    An English day

    In the English day all the school activities will be in English. You will participate in many secret activities that you won’t know until this day... Each course is the responsible for one task and we are the responsible for creating three posters. I suppose all of you know what a poster is and, probably, some posters hang on your bedroom walls. But, this time, you should create a quite different kind of poster. Autora: Gemma Molina Raga
  • Do you want  to work abroad

    Do you want to work abroad

    Have you ever thought about working abroad? Working abroad offers you the chance to experience another culture, visit a new country or city, make friends and enrich yourself. Before you start, I would like you to watch this video. Autora: Laia Font
  • Dear Agony Aunt

    Dear Agony Aunt

    Have you ever had difficulties with relationships, family, work, school or any aspect of your life? Have you ever felt you couldn't cope with a situation anymore?. Do you know what an agony aunt is? Autora: Anna Morales